My goal is education and knowledge of our environment and our future on earth. Which of late is pretty ugly.


I have many interests, and they mostly pertain to Spiritual, Chemical Injury, Alternative or Sustainable living, our environment and health. You will want to book mark this to check back every now and then. We need volunteers and Donations and any suggestions you think can help others. I am open-minded and my views and so forth can change or be changed given good facts and etc... .


I once had a genius level IQ but I do not think of myself as genius level anything and doubt my IQ is that high now so any suggestions, and I am open to your help here.


I am trying to get this together and I know with your help we can get it together eventually so please help me do this. It is not going to be easy or is it? My idea is to build a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse/home. I feel we can easily do this together.


You can use a dome calculator or go to Geo-Dome Creator Paul Robinson. That guy has it figured out for you and is reasonably priced. Tell him I (Joe Hawkins) referred you to him. He has a 40' diameter Geodesic Dome already in plans. Plus he has a New tubular Green house design that only needs one triangle size pattern. He is cool. Get them and send me a copy if you can? I would love to build one myself.


You make a loft that is just half the size of the floor space and that would e a nice size home/garden. Add a loft in more then half the dome and you would easily have over 1,800 sq ft. Put Vertical Gardens in the front facing the south and you have the perfect home. I was going use earthbag's or tires filled with compressed earth on outside then back-fill the north and east and west sides with dirt so when I finished I had a hill with the front a dome curved shape. It would be like a Earthship home but made with domes instead of arched rectangular structures under the ground.


Domes can handle much more weight and stress on the framing than can straight roof joists. They are like a egg so it could easily handle the dirt backfill. But to make it easier I was thinking of using earthbag's or the compressed earth tires also to help with the structure of the dome on the  sides and north on the outside of the dome framing, because the tires can be screwed together and have compressed earth inside them making them like a solid supporting structure which would hold back the dirt from completely collapsing and crushing the dome home. It is more safety precautions and may not even be needed but it is a thought for right now. To be continued:

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Other issues:

I have plans to try and build some strip built Kayaks and Boats or Stitch and Glue? Believe it or not there are plans out there to build these boats in a weekend or two. My front door and window have the whole Delta laid out in front of me. It is beautiful to look at and very inspiring when I play my guitar. I think if you saw it you would love it also. But it makes me want to get on it and sail over it like I did Folsom Lake/Reservoir. The only difference is the wind is on here most the time. When I sailed Folsom I was out by the dam and the wind died down to nothing. You talk about being stranded. Paddling was not cutting the mustard. No, I love motorcycles and sailing boats and getting my head in the wind. That Delta Makes me want a boat. I am looking at a easy design from "The New Instant Boat" and it is the "16' Gypsy Sailboat Plans". I chose this one because it looks like it is real wide and will not capsize as easily as the thinner boats plus it has one sail. It only uses 5 sheets of 1/4" thick 4'x8' plywood. 


Now the real boat I want to build is the 23 1/2' Schooner plans in the same book but that one is much more involved than this easy gypsy so I will start with the easy one then graduate to the harder one later. Once it is built then I can explore my Scenery here physically instead of just looking at it. I will be in the scenery. That is what it is all about!

Continuing from next to this covering the Dome Idea.

Now the idea is to go to Home Depots web site and order the large thick clear plastic. I think you can get it in 20' x 100' for pretty reasonable a price and 2 packs of this should be enough to cover the whole dome if you are going to use it like a giant greenhouse. 


My idea is to use that on the outside then on the inside up against that have two layers of large bubble bubble wrap. Then one more inside layer of this thick plastic to hold the bubble wrap in and against the outside plastic wrap layer. You want to drill vent holes through the framing where they triangles meet each other. And what many are doing these days is pumping air in between the inside and outside plastic layers. I guess it gives it more Insulation?


The reason is to build this as low cost as possible and to buy the foreign bubble wrap they use from the UK cost a small fortune. But it does last over 30 years on some of their buildings. The bubble wrap is not only insulating but it is also good for dispersing the heat and light so that the plants do not get straight contact from the sun through the plastic and get themselves sun burned but a evenly dispersed light and no heat thanks to the insulation properties prevents the plants from being damaged as easily.


If anyone knows where I can get plans for one of these domes where you build each section separately with wood framing then screw the large triangles together then let me know. I know it will take double the wood but as it stands the wood cost without double framing it that way is only around $1,400 - $1,600 unless you go with 2 x 6's instead of 2 x 4's. 2 x 8's would be very very strong and easily handle the back-fill earth on the north and east and west sides of the dome. 


The thing about the dome is that you put pressure or stress on one side and the whole dome absorbs the stress and pressure rather than just that side of the dome. Which is why it should easily handle back filling the other 3 sides of the dome?


If anyone has any better Ideas I am all game here. I also recently found the place to go to get these plans.  His large dome project in the video on this page is the exact dome I am looking for except he uses large triangle I need small triangles and not small ones put inside of large ones. Less than 2' in length ones. Those will make the dome that much stronger and more circular which means it can handle the stresses even better. Like a Egg.

Originally I was thinking of putting two 30' diameter teepee's together and living in that with a loft in each one and a arched hall way between them all canvas. One Teepee can easily cost over $5K so I decided this Dome is the least expensive for the square footage we need and I need a lot. I liked the idea of a large fire pit in the center of the Teepee's. That is cool, but I can do the same in a dome except I would have to line the center ceiling of the dome with cork lining to prevent a fire from happening. Why cork? You can put a torch to cork and it will not burn if it is a short time it is exposed to the direct flames. Even NASA used cork in their space shuttles and stations and etc. Of course I recently found out that NASA has been making fake manned flights to outer space. They can not even get through the Van Allen Belt. Our Intelligent designer does everything better than anyone else and cork is perfect for this. Gaskets used in engines and other parts use to be made of cork. It does not burn easily. Let me know what you think? Joe


 Rev. 11:18 But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining* the earth.” * = “to destroy those who are destroying” (the earth.)

I have been researching Earthship homes and Geodesic Greenhouses as homes and even Indian Teepee's for sustainable living. I have MCS, MS, Diabetes, gastroparesis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue. Spastic Colon, gastritis, and short term memory damage plus a bad low back. Most of this could be attributed to working for years unprotected with chemicals used in refinishing and repair of Furniture from when I worked a Levitz Furniture. But of late I learned we are being exposed to radiation fall out from Japan and Russia and the Pacific Ocean is radioactive. Our water from rain is loaded with radiation because of Japans tritium releases into our atmosphere still on going for year now. Plus chem-trails are loaded with this stuff and the Elite who worship Satan are poisoning our food and water supplies.


Because of the chemical damage to myself I have become concerned with the environment as a whole.


I have researched HHO which is splitting water in the manner of Stanley Meyer's who got 1,700 percent return on what he put into his Water Fuel Cell or water capacitor. He used no electrolytes at all. Just plain tap water. Denny Klein also split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen but he only gets 300 percent return on the energy he puts into his machines. He uses a Electrolyte material. So the goal is the 1,700 percent return with no electrolytic materials, not the 300 percent. But if Mr Klein was to donate his machines to me I would not turn them down.


Burning HHO will actually clean chemicals out of the air. That is a major goal of mine and I hope yours. To change the world we need to change the fuel used in it. HHO is so hot and thorough a burn that it makes Hydrocarbons inert when they are burned with HHO. Imagine Jet Liners using HHO in the upper atmosphere? There would be no green house effects any longer because all the Hydro-carbons in the atmosphere would be burned into there basic components and only clean air would be left and water vapor from the HHO if it is not recycled. Personally I would recycle it to keep the ice off the wings. 


What really gets me is NASA and Boeing and American Airlines and all these large companies know this. They all are aware of HHO and one of NASA's engineers even tried stealing part of Stanley Meyer's Patents once from what I learned studying about him. In fact after he hooked up with NASA is when all his stuff was stolen and he was assassinated. So that tells me the government is more than aware of HHO technology, in fact it tells me they are suppressing it by killing people that produce environmentally safe technologies. It also tells me who the government is really working for and it is not the people like the US Constitution says. It is the large corporations and oil magnets.


Jets can be converted to run on HHO and the airliners would be much safer to fly on if they had tanks full of water versus jet fuel. The HHO is made on demand so as soon as it is produced it is burned and not stored usually but I have seen one guy store it for his mobile home in inner tubes. It was a very smart idea and it worked to get him all over the place. He is dead now though. But you get the point. He was dying so it was not the government that knocked him out of the picture.


You know how they clean toxic soil. They burn it in hydrogen flames. It makes all the toxins inert but it also completely sterilizes the ground. Nothing will grow in it unless they put compost into it to give it nutrients again. Same with the air. Fly around burning HHO and the air pollution will disappear all together. If all the cars and etc used HHO there would be no environmental impacts on the air at all. I guess that is too easy for us?


Actually this government is supporting this toxic pollution and industry of oil and all the chemicals from it. They are supporting letting food manufacturers poison the general population with artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives when they have Stevia for sweetening and etc.


The government has all these reason for harassing naturalist people but the real reason is they are working for other then the people. They are a front for large industry and the Ultra Rich to control us all. There goal is to make the US as competitive as China. The only way to do that is put the poor in Jail and make us work as slaves like China does. Personally I would stop all commerce between the US and any country that uses slave labor in that manner or any other manner. But we also need to overhaul this government and get back to the US Constitution of things.


I know, I sound pretty drastic. Wake up people. What is happening is pretty drastic!!!! They are trying to make it so you can not even collect your own rain water on your own land!!! If we don't peacefully take the government back we are all going to be brought to ruin real soon. Our whole economy and government has been run by a bunch of Satan Worshipers. You know what the worst part is those nut cases think they sold their souls to Satan. Jesus ransom sacrifice bought our souls out of sin for Jehovah God. He owns all of our souls. We can not sell what we do not own. Those Satan Worshipers got dooped by the Father of the Lie, Satan. He lied to them. He owns nothing. Especially not our souls. He lost in Heaven and he is losing on earth also. There are scriptures that back this up also.


Where does a angel get the balls to challenge our heavenly Father and his creator? He is just a angel and nothing more. And he is a loser who last in Heaven already.



 I have in the past been a Intervenor in Natural Gas Fired Power Plants and with good cause. In my research of MCS I learned that Formaldehyde is known in animal studies to cause MCS. Dr. Barbara Sorg of Washington State University did the studies. She also gave me permission to post them which I did for many years.


In being in touch with her I learned that Formaldehyde is such a small particle that when it hits your cell and causes damage the cell does not even know it. I also learned in other research that it only takes 4 hits to a cell by particles less than 1 Micron in size and then your cell is considered a foreign body and your body makes antibodies to your own damaged cell which in turn causes the antibodies to not recognize your normal healthy cells as part of your body anymore and thus now your antibodies are attacking your own healthy cells and you now have a autoimmune disease, like MS or Lupus or whatever. Even Cancer.


So my goal is to educate you to my knowledge and teach you how to avoid killing yourselves or being killed by unscrupulous employer's.


One thing though. Grammar and English where my weakest points in School. Forgive me for my lousy grammar and spelling and etc.


That is why I doubt I have a high IQ and I could not spell then either when I did the test and etc yet I got a 142 +-6 points. 130 or higher was considered genius on that test. 


Do not get me wrong here. I really do not believe I have a high IQ any longer and I am not trying to tote my own horn here. I just like researching things and sharing what I learn with the younger generations so they have a head start on what I am too old to do myself. I need help, Young people just get in there and  do it and it gets done fast. Us old farts study real hard on the subject and then plan and etc... before we even begin to start because we know what it means to mess up financially speaking. So I am sharing my ideas and knowledge with all of you. If I was rich I would share a lot more than just those things.


Imagine the world and what it would be like if there was no ultra rich? Or if those that had a lot of money shared it with the rest of the world? No instead you have these greedy punks up there trying to figure out ways to get more money and how to control the governments. 


One way I can prove our government was manipulated is the Marijuana laws. The real reason for those laws was not because it was a dangerous drug which it is not. But because Dupont was introducing all kinds of synthetic fibers to make rope and canvas and cloth with. There largest natural competition was Hemp which is from the industrial species of Cannabis. You can not get high from it. It's fibers are 15' long. Everything else out there fiber length wise is under 2". Plus it is naturally sun resistant and it does not rot easily. I would take hemp over nylon any day and that is why it happened that way.


They tricked the people and they passed the laws without going through the proper channels and doing so secretly. Both Dupont and Hearst where behind it and they should have been charged with RICO and since it wiped out one of our largest industries of that time I would charge them with Treason as it effected our whole economy and later our environment with all the manufacturing of synthetic materials. 


Again where is the FBI in all this? They should have been right on top of all that and stopped it and put those jerks in Jail permanently and thrown away the keys and take all their money's and use them to correct the damage to this giant industry that was destroyed by deception and conspiracy and treason. This industry was just starting to really take off also. They where making super hard plastics out of the leftovers of the plant. They had one of the best fibers for using with natural non-toxic epoxies from the South African Trees. The sky was not even the limit. Yet these criminals are not brought to justice to this day. Where is the FBI when you need them? They must be bought off also. ;) And since I last posted I found out that it was worse than that. They work for the Elite who along with the Luciferians and Illuminati and other secret societies worship Satan and are money hungry thieving scoundrels. All of them committed Treason and stole all of America's 555 trillion dollars worth of gold from us leaving us a bankrupted country. Same with the CIA and DOJ all the federal agencies including FEMA. They are murderers.


One other thing, growing hemp conditions the soil for growing other food crops. It needs to be allowed back into the country now!!! The only way I know to get it back real fast is that every state in the union legalize Marijuana and make a by-line for Industrial Hemp to be free of the same restrictions as the Marijuana that gets people high. Canada did it and they are getting a booming industry started again. Their growing seasons are not as long as ours are. If we started making hemp everything here including plastics and etc. We do not need the oil industry which means the Elite lose and we win.

I saw a movie years ago showing Ford using hemp waste called slag I believe it was and making plastics so solid out of it that they took a giant sludge hammer to a door panel and it just bounced off of it. Not even a scratch. The big guy did it a bunch of times. Not even a scratch. That stuff is tuff.

One other thing Industrial Hemp is high in CBD Cannaboids which are the medicinal ingredients in Marijuana. But Industrial Hemp has more and won't get you high.

Tell Trump, we need this industry bad so it can become our future again.




So, because I know the chemicals used in Natural Gas Fired plants so well and know their dangers are not being brought out by the powers that be and the Environmental agencies that the governments set up. I decided to let the world know the truth. Natural Gas Fired power plants are anything but environmentally safe. I rather breath large particles from diesel and coal than Natural Gas exhaust which everything from them is so deadly your cells will not even know they where damaged from breathing their exhaust.


All fossil fuels need to be done away with and replaced by sun, wind and HHO and Hydro power and geothermal which the later still has it's pollution's to deal with.


The Earthship homes are the best on the planet for leaving no environmental impacts. You have no utilities to worry about. You are completely self sufficient and off the grid and producing your own organic foods in your home.


Same with the geodesic dome greenhouses that people are adding lofts to and living in. They are the least expensive and time consuming to build other than Yurts and American Indian Teepee's.


The goal to survive on very little income, be zero environmental impact and still have all the modern conveniences we have in modern box houses. I know it can be done and I am going to show everyone how.


Wind and Solar are going to be two big issues also and I have been studying these also. I will get into this because they are major players in getting off the grid and being self sustainable. I am researching Vertical Low Wind generators. Some say they are not as efficient as the normal winged horizontal wind generators like the little girl in the picture up above is holding, but these generators are killing off endangered bird species. Plus for the same amount of area you can have way more vertical wind generators than you can horizontal so my plan is to make 10 small horizontal wind generators on my property if I ever get any?


I will get into that but I found the perfect electric bike motor Model MOT-24450G that has permanent magnets and works as a generator also. I will share a link with that for you guys also or at least share the model number of the motor so you can find the least expensive one over the net.  


We will defeat the powers that be by gaining our own freedom financially. They do not want us free from the utilities and etc. The rich want us groveling at their feet. They can kiss my a$$. Unless they are generous and want to help. That is how I would be if I was rich. Helping others less fortunate than myself. I already do, that is why I am always broke. Lately money is so tight I have not been able to help anyone. I have been helping my neighbors with what I can but as for anyone else. I need help. 


There are so many homeless out there and the police have been harassing them. The police steal their tents from them and supplies and kick them off whatever lot they find to camp on. They do not stand a chance. Even society has kicked them aside. Social Security made it so they have to have a home to collect their benefits. Catch 22, without their benefits they can not get a home. As long as they have a bank account to deposit directly into they should not be punished because they do not have a home. That is discrimination and no one is doing anything about it.  Why are not government agencies like the FBI who is suppose to work for us not the government cleaning up house up their in our government?


Earth largest resource is water and it is stored Hydrogen and Oxygen, both highly flammable in their selves. Our designer did not put it here for nothing. It is the answer to all our energy needs. It's exhaust is more cleaner water vapor. Can't beat it!!!!


Last but not least the Patent laws are being corrupted. What is from nature should not and was not suppose to be able to be patented. All GM products are originally from nature and should not be allowed to be patented. They need to repeal all those GM seed patents and etc.


By legalizing Marijuana you give the hemp industry the door back into our economy and then you can take care of all these chemical manufacturers that supported the treason's against the US and the whole world of people. In fact they are the cause of it.


I am also looking into those Bamboo Mountain Bikes with hemp fiber and epoxy joints. Imagine cars built out of these materials. Talk about lite weight? I been thinking about it even more.

We need the Hemp Industry and add Bamboo to that and we have a unbeatable industry.

Did you know that 1 acre of hemp is the equivalent of 1 acre of trees concerning the environment. It gives off the same amount of Oxygen and produces the same amount of fiber for the paper industry and Hemp paper is far superior to wood pulp paper. It lasts for centuries if stored right. Plus Hemp sails and fabric far outlast synthetic and cotton junk. We need it back. It was the industry of the past and was just becoming the industry of the future when DuPont and Hearst, those slime bags ruined our future.

Put Hemp with bamboo as the framing. We could make light weight frames for ultra lite aircraft that will be sturdy and safe. Use it for the skin also like Henry Ford did in the 40's.

Tell trump to bring this industry back. More than half the US has already legalized Medical Marijuana, bring Hemp the industrial version back for us to thrive as a nation.

Get Social with us!


Well, I figure this generic web building tool has this header already printed and it means here for you to Email me any ideas or stories or whatever that is in accordance with the goals here.


I know you have them. Unless your not human? If you where a alien not from earth then you are either a fallen angel or a angel that is still blessed by God. I accept the blessed angels but not a fallen angel such as Satan or the demons. Lets keep them out of this please. But I will say this much, they like to make you believe in aliens from space and ghosts and evil dead creatures and the like. Why because it goes contrary to God's teachings. Oh and they are good at playing like they are a lost relative or some friend and etc. They can full you easily into believing they are really them coming back from death and talking to you. But why would they want to? Email me if your curious. I will get you the answer then.


Personally I do not believe in any other aliens other than those two.


The Aliens with space ships? Hoaxes as far as I am concerned. If you go near a demon they can full your into seeing whatever they want you to see. If their really is a ship, how do you know he is not injecting that scene into your minds? Call on the Name of God, (King James Version or KJV Psalms 83:18 Get it at the Dollar Tree store.) if you know what it is and go through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ and say amen. Call out loud and have faith that he will help you.


When  I was stationed in Fallen Nevada Naval Air Base doing guard duty on the flight line, 2 other sailors tried to convince me they saw a alien space ship over us, but I watch everything and I have excellent peripheral vision and I did not see what they said they saw and I was looking up in the sky right next to them off and on when they said they saw it. It was a hoax or they where seeing a injected vision by the demons. I never seen it but I knew who the true God is and his name.

Share your thoughts!


I have already asked this in many places so I will keep this short and sweet.  You have questions and you need real help title the email "Help!!!" Email me.


© 2013 by EnviroHawk. All rights reserved.

You can reach me by email. I am easy! I am mellow to some extent. Don. For the most part I like mellow. 


I prefer to avoid violence but I was trained from a very young age to fight so I do know how to be violent if need be. Our Goal here is non-violence so lets keep the wild animals at bay. I am sure all of you have the wilder sides to you.  No violence!!! Now help me to remember that for myself. ;)

​Telephone : ​N/A Email only!

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**NO Contacting me unless it is pertaining to the Goal and not for trying to get me to buy your services or products and etc. No Soliciting please!!! If it is for spiritual issues, yea, contact me. I will research what I do not have the exact scriptures memorized and let you know. You got any kind of Questions like:

What is our purpose?

Why do we have to die?

Why did God take my baby, or husband, or wife, or father, or mother  and etc..?

IN fact this last one I definitely want to answer for you. Most Christian Faiths say God took you whoever and made a angle out of them. Or some other nonsense claim like that. I want to answer that question using the scriptures and it ain't true what those people or preacher or bishops or whatever say about why they died and blaming God for it. You deserve the truth. I will get it for you.

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