My goal is education and knowledge of our environment and our future on earth. Which of late is pretty ugly.


I have many interests, and they mostly pertain to Spiritual, Chemical Injury, Alternative or Sustainable living, our environment and health. You will want to bookmark this to check back now and then. We need volunteers and Donations and any suggestions you think can help others. I am open-minded and my views and so forth can change or be changed given good facts and etc... .


I once had a genius level IQ but I do not think of myself as genius level anything and doubt my IQ is that high now so any suggestions, and I am open to your help here. I worked with chemicals and they messed me up. I have short term memory issues now and have for many years. The only upside to this is I never remember the movies I watched. I can watch them again and it's as if they are new to me. Except most the old movies before my memory was damaged. I sued those chemical companies and my employer. They had a bunch of high-powered lawyers, more than likely all Luciferians. My lawyers stabbed me in the back. I figure they were part of the cult!


I am trying to get this together and I know with your help we can get it together eventually so please help me do this. It is not going to be easy or is it? My idea was to build a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse/home. I felt we could easily do it together.


You can go to Geo-Dome Creator Paul Robinson. That guy has it figured out for you and is reasonably priced. Tell him I (Joe Hawkins) referred you to him. He has a 40' diameter Geodesic Dome already in plans. Plus he has a New tubular Green house design that only needs one triangle size pattern. He is cool. Get them and send me a copy if you can? I would love to build one myself.


I've since changed my view drastically on all this. My first and foremost priority is my spiritual needs. According to the bible the rest will come as needed through my creator and Heavenly Father, Jehovah God and his only-begotten son, Christ Jesus.Matt. 6:33

As you can see for yourselves our whole world is going into chaos and turmoil by design by the evil one, Satan the Devil who was a liar and murderer from the very beginning of mankind. He hates all of creation and that includes us.


Did you know that George Floyd was a Free Mason as was his father. They sacrificed him to create chaos. Their belief is out of chaos is order. Their Order, the New World Order where what is left of mankind when they are through is used for slavery.

This wicked system of things is coming to a close soon. There is not fence to sit on, You are either on one side or the other. As for me, I choose Jehovah God's side.

Watch this:

Watching this video could be a large eye-opener. It is not anyone affiliated with JW's. But after watching it I would suggest you go to their site at and have them come to you to teach you from the bible.

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My personal search for the True Christian Faith

I was originally raised in the JW Faith. But all through school I was told by my peers that they used their own bibles and Jehovah God was not God's name and that they are a cult and etc. My dad did not really teach us anything. My Mom read the Paradise book to me until she ran to California with us to leave my Dad then she stopped everything to do with JW's and pretty much condemned them.


At the end of their marriage they got into real physical fights. I will always remember my dad back handing her right across the room and onto my bed while I was in it. My mom slid across my bed and her head went through the old slat and plaster walls of that time period. They didn't use sheet rock then. My Mo got so angry and flew at him and was ripping him apart after that. He didn't stand a chance and it served him right. You should never hit a woman no matter how angry you are.


I was 6 years old when my Mom shut out Jehovah God from my life. I was just really starting to learn about the bible but I still couldn't read yet, so I did as my Mom said and quit asking her to read the Paradise Book.

When in California where my Nana lived we had to go to a Presbyterian Church. You see in the JW Kingdom Halls you set with you Mom & Dad and listen alongside them. But in this Church they separated us from our parent and each other. My little brother would not have that. He made them let him stay with me. So we ended up making golden painted and sparked noodle designs on paper plates. Talk about boring. We learned nothing about the bible there. I hated the place already. They quit taking us there thank Jehovah God. I got terrible vibes in that place.

At 7 my Mom tried to commit suicide. I was sleeping and dreamed the whole thing before it happened. Then I got up, and she was at the table trying to call for help on the phone. She could barely move. She collapsed onto the floor. I dialed the operator and got help in time. Afterwards she met a man named Rick.


I was used to being the man of the house as she put it. When they got married him and I clashed. So they decided to send me to my Dad for 1 year. I was 8 then. Well in Amarillo TX. the schools were already advanced by about 1 year in all of its curriculum. Not only was the students calling me a dummy but so was the teachers. That is when I started fighting.


Anyone of the boys that called me stupid in that school I beat up. It was all the white boys It was so bad that the principal made a deal with me, if he let me be cross guard I would have to stop fighting all the rest of the kids. It would have worked. I was about two weeks into it when this one white kid came up to me saying he was going to beat the day lights out of me for taking what he had been working hard for away from him. He began hitting on me and that was his mistake. I beat the crud out of him. TO BE CONTINUED!




You can reach me by email. I am easy! I am mellow to some extent. Don. For the most part I like mellow. 


I prefer to avoid violence but I was trained from a very young age to fight so I do know how to be violent if need be. Our Goal here is non-violence so lets keep the wild animals at bay. I am sure all of you have the wilder sides to you.  No violence!!! Now help me to remember that for myself. ;)

​Telephone : ​N/A Email only!

Email :


**NO Contacting me unless it is pertaining to the Goal and not for trying to get me to buy your services or products and etc. No Soliciting please!!! If it is for spiritual issues, yea, contact me. I will research what I do not have the exact scriptures memorized and let you know. You got any kind of Questions like:

What is our purpose?

Why do we have to die?

Why did God take my baby, or husband, or wife, or father, or mother  and etc..?

IN fact this last one I definitely want to answer for you. Most Christian Faiths say God took you whoever and made a angle out of them. Or some other nonsense claim like that. I want to answer that question using the scriptures and it ain't true what those people or preacher or bishops or whatever say about why they died and blaming God for it. You deserve the truth. I will get it for you.

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Well, I figure this generic web building tool has this header already printed and it means here for you to Email me any ideas or stories or whatever that is in accordance with the goals here.


I know you have them. Unless your not human? If you where a alien not from earth then you are either a fallen angel or a angel that is still blessed by God. I accept the blessed angels but not a fallen angel such as Satan or the demons. Lets keep them out of this please. But I will say this much, they like to make you believe in aliens from space and ghosts and evil dead creatures and the like. Why because it goes contrary to God's teachings. Oh and they are good at playing like they are a lost relative or some friend and etc. They can full you easily into believing they are really them coming back from death and talking to you. But why would they want to? Email me if your curious. I will get you the answer then.


Personally I do not believe in any other aliens other than those two.


The Aliens with space ships? Hoaxes as far as I am concerned. If you go near a demon they can full your into seeing whatever they want you to see. If their really is a ship, how do you know he is not injecting that scene into your minds? Call on the Name of God, (King James Version or KJV Psalms 83:18 Get it at the Dollar Tree store.) if you know what it is and go through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ and say amen. Call out loud and have faith that he will help you.


When  I was stationed in Fallen Nevada Naval Air Base doing guard duty on the flight line, 2 other sailors tried to convince me they saw a alien space ship over us, but I watch everything and I have excellent peripheral vision and I did not see what they said they saw and I was looking up in the sky right next to them off and on when they said they saw it. It was a hoax or they where seeing a injected vision by the demons. I never seen it but I knew who the true God is and his name.

Share your thoughts!


I have already asked this in many places so I will keep this short and sweet.  You have questions and you need real help title the email "Help!!!" Email me.


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