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Let me know your story and if I can help you I will. I will at least if it is a good story, post it on my site with your permission so as to share with others your experience. If you have Ideas let me know. You name it with everyone working together there is nothing we  can not accomplish. Thank you, Joe

You can reach me by email. I am easy! I am mellow to some extent. Don. For the most part I like mellow. 


I prefer to avoid violence but I was trained from a very young age to fight so I do know how to be violent if need be. Our Goal here is non-violence so lets keep the wild animals at bay. I am sure all of you have the wilder sides to you.  No violence!!! Now help me to remember that for myself. ;)

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**NO Contacting me unless it is pertaining to the Goal and not for trying to get me to buy your services or products and etc. No Soliciting please!!! If it is for spiritual issues, yea, contact me. I will research what I do not have the exact scriptures memorized and let you know. You got any kind of Questions like:

What is our purpose?

Why do we have to die?

Why did God take my baby, or husband, or wife, or father, or mother  and etc..?

IN fact this last one I definitely want to answer for you. Most Christian Faiths say God took you whoever and made a angle out of them. Or some other nonsense claim like that. I want to answer that question using the scriptures and it ain't true what those people or preacher or bishops or whatever say about why they died and blaming God for it. You deserve the truth. I will get it for you.

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Well, I figure this generic web building tool has this header already printed and it means here for you to Email me any ideas or stories or whatever that is in accordance with the goals here.


I know you have them. Unless your not human? If you where a alien not from earth then you are either a fallen angel or a angel that is still blessed by God. I accept the blessed angels but not a fallen angel such as Satan or the demons. Lets keep them out of this please. But I will say this much, they like to make you believe in aliens from space and ghosts and evil dead creatures and the like. Why because it goes contrary to God's teachings. Oh and they are good at playing like they are a lost relative or some friend and etc. They can full you easily into believing they are really them coming back from death and talking to you. But why would they want to? Email me if your curious. I will get you the answer then.


Personally I do not believe in any other aliens other than those two.


The Aliens with space ships? Hoaxes as far as I am concerned. If you go near a demon they can full your into seeing whatever they want you to see. If their really is a ship, how do you know he is not injecting that scene into your minds? Call on the Name of God, (King James Version or KJV Psalms 83:18 Get it at the Dollar Tree store.) if you know what it is and go through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ and say amen. Call out loud and have faith that he will help you.


When  I was stationed in Fallen Nevada Naval Air Base doing guard duty on the flight line, 2 other sailors tried to convince me they saw a alien space ship over us, but I watch everything and I have excellent peripheral vision and I did not see what they said they saw and I was looking up in the sky right next to them off and on when they said they saw it. It was a hoax or they where seeing a injected vision by the demons. I never seen it but I knew who the true God is and his name.

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I have already asked this in many places so I will keep this short and sweet.  You have questions and you need real help title the email "Help!!!" Email me.


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